What is green snake vegetable? 

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Green Snake Vegetable Its name may sound scary. But actually, this vegetable is not as scary as you think. This type of vegetable is called “Pak Kang Chai” by Chinese people or another name. “Chinese lettuce” This type of vegetable is a temperate plant. That can be found in the foothills of the Changshan Mountains, Dali City, Yunnan Province, China. The stems are slender and cylindrical. Can be eaten fresh or used in cooking.             

The method of making is to peel the bark of the trunk and cut it into long strips. The flesh inside will be green. Moreover, this type of vegetable. Can be preserve by drying it. If you want to use it for cooking, you must soak it in water first. about three hours Then it will swell up like a green snake. In Thailand, it is call Phak Ngu Khiao.   ทางเข้า ufabet

Taste and benefits of green snake vegetable

The texture of green snake vegetable is crunchy and crispy. The taste is bland. It also has high vitamin E and nutritional value. Helps strengthen the stomach , reduce bloating , balance blood pressure , makes blood flow easily, is a diuretic, expels heat in the body and expels toxins as well.  

What menu can green snake vegetables be made with?

Chinese celery can be eaten without being cook. Most of the time in Thailand we like to use it in cooking, such as papaya salad (used instead of papaya noodles), salad, mala, shabu or other food menus. Any other 

Super delicious green snake vegetable salad recipe.

Ingredients for making green snake vegetables salad

  • Gong Chai (green snake vegetables)
  • Fresh shrimp or cooked shrimp
  • palm sugar
  • Jinda red chili
  • garlic
  • fermented fish sauce
  • dried chilli
  • Nua powder
  • tomato
  • lemon

How to make green snake vegetable salad

  • Prepare the equipment for making papaya salad. Then add garlic, dried chili, red chili. Then pound until the chili is broken. Don’t have to be very detail.
  • Add nut powder, palm sugar, tomatoes, squeeze lemon, then add fermented fish sauce. Then mix well.
  • Add fresh or cooked shrimp and a secret item like Kong Chai (green snake vegetables), which is indispensable. Then it’s pound and ready to serve.

How about this delicious salad recipe made from green snake vegetables? In addition to eating it and being satisfied with its crunch. Can also be use to cook in a variety of menus. And the most delicious and mouth-watering menu: “Green Snake Vegetables Salad” is a must-try! When he saw this Don’t forget to try making it at home!!