Napoli seek to remove release clause from Kim Min-Jae contract.

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Napoli are working on a new contract with main defender Kim Min-Jae. And find a way to remove the tear off of the football contract as well.

The 25-year-old defensive line moved from Fenerbahce to join the Azzurra team last summer. With the South Korean defender doing a great job helping Napoli lead the Serie A crowd right now.

According to reports from Calciomercato According to the Napoli board. UFABET It is now speeding up the renewal of Min-Jae’s contract with the existing one running until mid-2025. 

However, the main factor that Napoli want to extend the contract despite the player. Who has just joined the team is because the club wants to remove the stated release clause of around 45 million euros. (Start working on July 1, next year) to prevent other teams. Especially from the English league that is being watched closely.

It is believed that Premier League teams have no problem submitting such amounts of money. For sure causing Napoli to hurry to remove that part of the condition as soon as possible.

However, Napoli is not just hoping to remove the release clause of the contract. But the club is ready to increase Min-Jae’s wages in return for the player’s excellent performance and hopes to keep this defensive line with the team in the long term.