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“Eating spicy food” often causes what kind of disease?

“Spicy” Some people may have known that “spicy” is not a flavor, but rather a pain that is perceived from certain compounds in chili peppers. Still, we have to admit that spicy food is a favorite of many people. Especially Thai people Because it can increase your appetite. However, the food

What are the causes of “stomach burning” symptoms? 

Stomach burning pain is a common symptom. May be caused by irritation of the esophagus. This is the tube that connects the throat and stomach. It may also be caused by having too much acid in the stomach. Until causing a burning sensation in the stomach Burning pain can be

What is green snake vegetable? 

“Green Snake Vegetable” Its name may sound scary. But actually, this vegetable is not as scary as you think. This type of vegetable is called “Pak Kang Chai” by Chinese people or another name. “Chinese lettuce” This type of vegetable is a temperate plant. That can be found in

Benefits of cabbage It’s better than you think.

With many nutritional values As a result, eating cabbage may be beneficial to health in many ways. Such as: 1. Reduce the risk of developing certain diseases. Cabbage is a vegetable rich in vitamin C, an Antioxidant. This type of substance helps prevent cells in the

How to eat durian to be safe for your health?

Most people may be able to eat durian normally. But it may cause stomach discomfort. Gas in the stomach, diarrhea, vomiting or allergic reactions can occur in some cases. Especially when eaten in large quantities. However, you should not eat durian seeds. Because it may result in how to symptoms